We support entrepreneurs in every operational and strategic activity in order to create successful, replicable formats. A solid and progressive path; concrete and strategic work, in close harmony with the partner/customer, involving analysis, evaluations and corrective actions to strategically optimise the results, enhance each project and thus make it scalable.


We analyze our partners' business development potential on the Italian and international markets. We trace winning strategies and identify essential assets, priorities and objectives for a business model's success, as well as all possible future declinations.



Thanks to the network we have built in the food & beverage world over many years of experience in the field and our collaboration with important Italian chefs, we enhance the winning ideas of start-up projects and improve businesses that already represent excellence in Italy and in the world.

  • Development and creation of menus·
  • Research and study of raw materials· Kitchen layout planning·
  • Identification and selection of food suppliers and distributors·
  • Definition of target products, prices and food costs·
  • Definition and drafting of the product supply and production agreement·
  • Manual development of production and recipe book with images


We study marketing processes and strategies to provide customers with solutions that work by establishing the correct way forward for your brand. We use every available channel, from Social and Google campaigns to print media, to reach customers, grow your company and cultivate relationships with your audience.

  • Brand Identity analysis and definition·
  • Market and Competition analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Study of the product mix
  • Complete Operating Manual
  • Selection and definition of strategic suppliers
  • Marketing plans· Communication plans (omni-channel)
  • Digital and social media marketing:· Communication campaigns
  • Strategic web marketing campaigns and management
  • Social media marketing campaigns


We cover every franchising process and oversee every area, from strategic to operational, to guarantee the entrepreneur a single trusted interlocutor with whom to work on developing and scaling their business.

  • Search for and selection of financial partners·
  • Selecting entrepreneurs and investors for franchising development (single franchising, multi-franchising, Master Franchising) in Italy and abroad, and coordinating implementation of the related B2B marketing and media plan· Preparation of the contractual documentation necessary for developing the franchising business (Franchising contract, Fim and creation of the forecast income statement)
  • Strategic definition of sales channels, retail development and commercial development
  • Search for strategic locations· Choice of locations, commercial properties and management of negotiations· Action plans for sales outlet opening· Definition of the strategic plan for international retail development, including preliminary definition of the areas of greatest interest and subsequent search for potential foreign partners
  • Periodic coordination and monitoring of stores
  • Identification of tools for managing the network of direct points of sale, according to structured Retail Management criteria and pre-defined KPIs aimed at achieving commercial and business development objectives
  • Design of the organizational structure necessary for managing the chain of points of sale


Our team of designers will provide all the tools needed to build the visual identity of the brand under development. Colours, shapes, lines capable of stimulating sensations and suggestions that will draw the customer inside your world and speak to their human emotions.We design functional and practical spaces to create environments that reflect the soul of the brand and ensure an unforgettable experience in every store.

  • Analysis and definition of Brand Image and Brand Elements
  • Naming
  • Logo and Brand Identity design
  • Coordinated Image Design
  • Customised Merchandising Packaging and POP materials
  • Definition of Concept Board, Mood Board and Format
  • Rendering and graphic rendering
  • Concept and ideal format creation


We assist our partners with their start-up, the planned growth of the scalable format, both direct and indirect (franchising), in order to concretely understand what activities and resources will be needed to successfully launch and develop the business.

  • Creation of 3/5 year Business Plans with Cash Flow and industrial plans
  • Retail and Business Model study
  • Definition of operating budgets
  • Food & Beverage Costs in a franchising model
  • Profit & Loss Statement with parameters and variables extracted from market benchmarks
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) specific to Food Retail Management
  • Teaser for the selection of Financial Investors· Analytics necessary for the best possible development of the project