BRACE 11 25

BRACE 11 25

Brace 1125 fish and meat skewers

The peculiarity of Brace 1125 is in its very nature, as a format exclusively dedicated to skewers, suitable for different moments throughout the day.

Meat skewers and fish skewers, a transversal menu that involves the customer and attracts people of all ages, precisely because of the fun of eating them and the irresistible and delicious flavour of the items on offer.

The experience of the fornacella, a typical Abruzzo barbecue used for cooking arrosticino, is reproduced in the interior design and through the use of materials such as metal and wood.

Togetherness is the theme of the meal, with furnishing elements such as picnic tables and benches.

With the support of our team, create an easily replicable retail format, designed to adapt to various types of locations, from downtown, to tourist areas with high traffic, to shopping and travel centres.