Gelato & Macaron

ROBERTO RINALDINI – Gelato & Macaron

The Pastry Shop gelato.

The several times world-championship-winning gelato combines with  Maestro Roberto Rinaldini’s iconic Macarons to become a DESSERT in its own right; thus a ground-breaking and unconventional format was born, which completely revolutionises the concept of gelato.

A winning and original combination: GELATO AND MACARON, to be enjoyed individually or together, using Macarons as a delicious gelato topping. 

The ice cream parlour and signature pastry shop complement each other and bring a new identity to gelato: more sophisticated, richer, more glamorous.

A format that is aimed at an even wider and more transversal target, an offer that is one of a kind, which allows you to use the sales space all year round, enriching it with market products to complete the offer, including leavened products and other sweet creations with the Rinaldini signature.  

The project was previewed at the latest edition of Mapic Cannes, the world’s reference event for retail, earning excellent feedback from visitors to our stand.

With  strategic support from the FRetail team, the project was launched on 22 April 2023 in the luxury channel with the opening of the first store in  Valmontone, a prestigious Roman mall, the most-visited Factory Outlet Centre in Italy, with over 6 million visitors a year.