Three formats researched together with the master of sourdough.

When we talk about Renato Bosco, we are talking of the prince of leavened products, known throughout the world as a sort of flesh-and-blood brand, synonymous with innovation and genius.

Apart from being the "master of sourdough", owner of Saporè brand premises and prestigious consultant for numerous industrial groups, Bosco is, first and foremost, a passionate product researcher, driven by an inextinguishable curiosity - a trait that even today, despite the awards and important partnerships, drives him in his constant study of the Food of the Future and in his analysis of market developments to monitor the future of pizza.

This new, scalable, business project, in partnership with F Retail, has the genius of Renato Bosco at its heart and aims to carry the all-Italian culture of "bread, pizza and passion" beyond our borders.

The first flaghship store “Bakery Pizza” by Renato Bosco opened on February 18, 2023 inside the prestigious Fashion District Mantova Village.