Grandma's meatballs with a modern twist

For Polpetta, it is a reinvention of the traditional Sunday lunch, in a smart family lunch format, shaped by inclusiveness and the pace of modern life.

The brand speaks a cheerful and carefree language that is reflected in every aspect of communication, both on and offline, as well as in the physical environment, which features red and aquamarine green, alternating with natural oak finishes, chosen to give the venue warmth.

The two formats designed in collaboration with the F team are intended as places to spend time in company.

The first, more compact, in a "fastgood" version for travel hubs and venues with high traffic, the second slower, in "tasting" mode, for downtown locations.

In addition to the iconic meatballs with sauce, the menu also offers various vegan and vegetarian proposals: as sandwiches, rolls or served on a plate for tasting. Various snacks and meatballs are also included in the "sweet pop" version.