The Romagna tradition crosses borders.

Tradition looks to the future to spread the local cuisine and expand the hospitality of Romagna beyond its borders.

Beginning its journey from the small, characteristic village of Borgo San Giuliano di Rimini, rich in tradition and Fellinian charm, Esse Romagnola wishes to share the memory of an authentic, genuine heritage and its warm, welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere.

Aromas and flavours were carefully selected by our Team to provide a full sensory experience.From tagliatelle to passatelli, from boiled meat to doughnuts, everything is prepared with respect for tradition and a scrupulous selection of raw ingredients.

Designed to meet different marketing strategies, the three formulas are:

Lowercase: a street food format for areas with large flows and high travel peaks

Bold: a fast, casual format.

Uppercase: a modern tavern in a downtown setting.

The flagship store opened in Milan on October 2022.