An innovative retail project redesigning daily and weekly grocery shopping

Chef in a Pack is an innovative retail project that redesigns our daily and weekly food shops by introducing the revolutionary concept of “contemporary gastronomy”.

Over 70 excellent recipes of Italian regional cuisine, including main courses of meat and fish, sauces and side dishes prepared with the expertise of Executive Chef Roberto Dal Seno. Thanks to a low-temperature cooking technique and vacuum storage, they boast a shelf-life of over 60 days without preservatives.

The project is aimed at a wide-ranging customer base, from professionals with hectic lifestyles to mothers trying to beat the clock, as well everyone with a preference for high-quality, balanced, healthy meals (thanks to the cooking technique employed) that can be consumed at home or at the office, without spending precious time on their preparation.

Chef in a Pack products are sold in their original cooking packaging, in order preserve all their organoleptic and nutritional properties and – above all – their flavour.

The meal-for-one format increases ease of use and reduces food waste. It’s also an excellent way of stocking an enviable larder and amazing friends and family with high-quality dishes, even for a last-minute dinner, thanks to the simplicity and speed of heating the food in a bain-marie or microwave oven.

The launch of the first corner-store is scheduled for September 2022 in Segrate (MI).