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The new project by La S Romagnola
Piada, cassoni e felicità
The new project by La S Romagnola

Piada from Romagna, the authentic kind, the ones that,  if you close your eyes for a moment as you bite into them, make you feel the sun on your face, evoking memories of carefree moments, beach holidays coming to mind with every bite.

And it is there, under the sun of Romagna, that the new FRetail  project was born, in collaboration with La Esse Romagnola corporate structure.

After the huge success of the restaurant format and with guidance from our team of retail professionals, 4 young entrepreneurs from Rimini are launching La S Romagnola – piada, cassoni e felicità, a project that stands out from the competition for its authenticity, from the recipe to the careful selection of raw materials, all sourced from the Romagna area. 

To complete the offering are the Cassoni, a product renowned across the Riviera but almost unheard of elsewhere.

The market launch is scheduled for June with the opening of the first store in Milan Malpensa airport by our consolidated Partner for Travel Retail sector, Areas Italia  - MyChef. 

At the end of summer, the opening of the first city street venue is planned, in tandem with the catering format of the parent company