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Come along and give it a try!
Discovering flavour in all its variety!
Come along and give it a try!

“Disseminating Renato Bosco's philosophy far and wide and arousing emotions and constant curiosity in everyone who samples a Renato Bosco product, through a journey which explores the shapes and textures of leavened products.”

The mission statement, the dream of divulging Renato Bosco's philosophy, now a reality, is already tangible: very soon it will be possible to enjoy a complete sensory experience comprising textures and flavours typical of the creations of the PizzaResearcher, with the opening of the new format BakeryPizza by Renato Bosco, within the prestigious Mantova Village Fashion District.

We will soon let you know the official opening date, when we look forward to offering you an exclusive "tasting test". 

In the meantime, we would mention that the search for staff is underway, a perfect opportunity to become part of the staff of the Renato Bosco retail project. Interested parties should send their applications to staff.lifestyle@icloud.com