Pier Giorgio Parini

Pier Giorgio Parini is from the Romagna region, born in 1977. After gaining two years of experience working with Massimiliano Alajmo in the three-starred "Le Calandre", in 2006, he took charge in the kitchens of Povero Diavolo (RN), where he remained until 2016.Here, his work is based on three guiding principles : quality and product research, especially in the local area, getting the very best out of the raw materials through appropriate cooking techniques and playing with aromatic contrasts making extensive use of plant-based ingredients, and constant innovation in the creation and design and of dishes.

Pier Giorgio is a chef on a quest. His is a secular cuisine, untrammelled and without preconceptions, that investigates the potential uses of each ingredient, each of which he studies, considers, forgets ...Herbs, vegetables and everything to do with the world of vegetables are close to his heart and feature in his dishes; these are the ingredients he loves the most.

Never lacking, often the sole protagonists of his creations. The aspect that fascinates him most about his work is the quest for flavours, the hunt for a flavour that does not as yet exist.His very personal style of cooking has put him in the spotlight in the world of gastronomic critics, both at home and abroad: he has received numerous awards, including the "Best Young Cook ” for the Espresso Guide in 2010, and for the same guide, the "Dinner of the Year" award in 2013; he also won "Three Hats" awards from 2013 to 2016, a Michelin Star for the Povero Diavolo from 2011 to 2016, Three Forks for the Gambero Rosso Guide in 2012; in 2015 the French Academy of Cuisine awarded him the “Chef of the Future ” award and the Wall Street Journal listed him among the 10 Best Young European Chefs. With F Retail he is collaborating on several projects to further develop the menu.